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  • 20 August 2014
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What is latex printing?

Latex printing is the newest technology developed by Hewlett-Packard company. It is a breakthrough in the printing industry as it combines the quality of photo printing, the durability of the solvent printing and 100% safety. This means wider you can print more and use it wherever you like! Thanks to the inks based on water, that evaporates during the printing process, your works are ready to use the second they get printed. Reach new indoor spaces such as healthcare or schools — water-based ink prints are odorless.

What is Splash Room?

Splash Room is an online printing company with wide offer of products and intuitive interface which simplifies the process of placing orders. Thanks to integration with Fotolia SP enables designing the project online without the knowledge necessary to use complicated graphic editors. Visitors can choose from over 8 millions photos, divided into categories, by using advanced search engine and editing tools (e.g. cropping or photo filters). Apart from that it’s possible, of course, to upload project prepared individually.
For our visitors’ information each and every of the product has been complemented with technical specification containing basic information regarding the print, its application, conservation and price.
All products are prepared bespoke and in accordance with client’s project. .
Splash Room is complemented with blog and section with interior designs, showing the possibilities of using the latex printing.


Photo wallpapers

fototapety The most universal and full of potential product category. SP offers the following type of wallpapers: paper, latex, with water-activated glue, self-adhesive or nonwoven wall coverings.


naklejki Unusually popular, capable of changing the atmosphere of the room, furniture and other things with almost no effort at all. Stickers are printed on media enabling fast and easy application with no damage to the surface. We offer stickers for fridge doors, washing machines, dishwashers, laptops, door, walls, cars, furniture and window foils.


tekstylia druk Door to unlimited possibilities — creating decoration elements based on fabrics, furniture upholstery, sheets or advertisements. Fabrics are softer, lighter and easier to use than heavy papers. We offer prints of curtains and drapes, pillowcases, lampshades, fabric blinds, bedcovers, fabric screens and deckchairs

Posters and pictures

canvas druk Product printed almost everywhere — but only we can offer you even 10 years warranty! Resistent to wear, weather conditions and mechanical damage, without laminate. We offer the print of posters, wide-format textile printing, garage photo covers and canvas prints.

Magnetic pads

maty magnetyczne For versatile use and multiple application. Once applied they stick to the surface without damaging it, they’re resistent to wear, mechanical damage and weather conditions — just like any other latex printout! We offer pads for the washing machine, dishwasher, car and a special magnetic timetable.

Individual product

druk lateksowy We’re open for creative. Do you have different idea for how to use latex printing technology? Or perhaps your project is so unique it’s impossible to realize it with just the standard product offer? Contact us!



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