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  • 20 August 2014
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Printing just got easier!

Cyfreo.com uses innovative solutions that simplify the complicated process of placing and processing an order. Wide offer consists not only of printed products, but also possibility to order a design. Thanks to intuitive interface, integrated with the system of entire portal, now you can order a design, print it and pay — with just a few clicks!

Designing just got faster!

For the sake of those who prepare their projects themselves, we provide a selection of tools to help preparing files for print. Model files available for download and file preparation instructions will walk you smoothly through the designing process. Click the product you need, download your model file and start your project! To ensure the correctness of prints, all files are checked before printing.


Cyfreo.com offers a wide range of products for commercial and personal use, for companies and natural persons. Each products’ features are customised, client can specify e.g. their format, media type, color, folding or finishing with any of the offered coatings.

Due to the large variety of offered items, all products are divided into three categories:


poligrafia High and low volume printing of over 50 products available, including business cards, fliers, brochures, poster, canvas prints, automated stamps and more.

Promotional gadgets

gadżety Prints on popular promotional materials such as ballpens, mugs, lanyards, pads and many more.


reklama Prints used for advertising: people stoppers, roll-ups, banners, billbards, advertising flags and more.




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